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Track: All Nobel Prizes in Literature 1901 to 2015 (Promo) (Per population nobel density Most prizes).
Most nobel prizes per population density

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Most nobel prizes per population density

Nobel Prize Awards in Science Per Capita -

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This article includes lists of sovereign countries, territories, and supranational unions by Nobel Nobel Prizes have been awarded over more than years, during which time national populations have varied very significantly. Because the. The Faroe Islands have produced more Nobel laureates per capita than anywhere Given that the Nobel Prize, which recognises contributions in the fields of. Nobel Prizes have been awarded over more than years, during which World population v3 Map of population density by country, per square kilometer.
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Most nobel prizes per population density

Nobel Prize Awards in Science Per Capita to rise to the very top of the Nobel ranking in terms of number of Nobel prizes for "hard science". Well i found this wiki source List of countries by Nobel laureates per capita It takes into account all of the prize types (It is probably going to look.

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Most nobel prizes per population density

The beautiful little islands that have produced the most Nobel prize winners per capita

List of countries by Nobel...

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. This result points to considerable mobility on the part of the Nobel laureates. He is the Thomas W. List of Nobel laureates by country topic Nobel prizes world map This is a list of Nobel Prize laureates by country. Pearson's correlation coefficient was also used to check the collinearity. Where a Nobel Prize has multiple winners, the country or countries of each winner are credited.

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Most nobel prizes per population density

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In particular, beyond dietary habits and GDP, an obvious factor that might affect Nobel awards obtained is the country's level of scientific Most nobel prizes per population density and activity. The significance of the randomization test was based on an upper confidence limit of 0. World Population Prospects, the Revision.


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  • Which universities are most likely to produce individuals with lasting Rank, Nobel, Fields or Turing prize, Frequency, Per capita ratio...

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Most nobel prizes per population density 923 Most nobel prizes per population density

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This article includes lists of sovereign countries , territories , and supranational unions by Nobel laureates per capita.
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To be able to frame the results at that time point, we also looked at when the Nobel laureates obtained their Ph.
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This article includes lists of sovereign countries , territories , and supranational unions by Nobel laureates per capita.
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Swiss people must be doing something right to rise to the very top of the Nobel ranking in terms of number of Nobel prizes for "hard science" — chemistry, physics and physiology or medicine — per capita.
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