Unique archaeological finds were discovered in Mtskheta
According to law, construction work was suspended and the study of the territory began archaeologists. In the study area they have identified and studied the graves of the early middle…

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Archaeologists in Egypt may have found the tomb of Queen Nefertiti
From the magazine "Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt" ( 01.07.2001. ) - "Egyptologist Susan James (Susan James) from UK claims. that the mummy of Nefertiti was more than a century…

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“Black diggers” have plundered an archaeological site in Koloa transferred to newly established area

“Black diggers” looted the monument of Federal value – the settlement of Koloa (XIV-XVII centuries), located in area of Opochka Okrug. The destruction of the settlement, the archaeologists reported by local residents.

As reported Pskov news in the Archaeological center of the Pskov region, the activities of “black diggers” at the site of Kologo not like the usual “zakouski” from metal detectors. The survey of the settlement recorded large-scale destruction of archaeological monument on the area of 70 sq. m. the Robbers invaded the cultural layer to a depth of 1.5 meters. Counted about a dozen of predatory boreholes from 1.5 to 2 meters of trenches 3 to 6 feet. Parts that are directly attributable to the construction of the XV-XVI centuries. Dumps the burnt remains of wooden structures, boulder grounds kilns, medieval ceramics.

“The monument of archaeology is irreparably damaged: destroyed site of the stronghold with the most powerful and informative layers. From the cultural layer removed all the discoveries that have commercial value, destroyed the medieval buildings, disturbed stratigraphy,” say the archaeologists.

Taking advantage of the remoteness and inaccessibility of the monument, the diggers worked for a few days, methodically destroying the monument of archeology.The style of the work gives professional robbers, who knew they were breaking the law on the protection of cultural heritage. These actions fall under article 243 of the criminal code “Destruction or damage of cultural heritage objects (monuments of history and culture) of peoples of the Russian Federation”.

Cologo is an ancient suburb of Pskov, the forerunner of the modern district centre of opočki. To protect against Western enemies in XIV-XV centuries were built by Pskov fortress-suburbs, among them Izborsk, Ostrov, Gdov, Voronich, Velha, COLOSO and others. The exact date of Foundation of Kologo unknown, presumably the fortress was built in the XIV century. In 1406 Koloa was burned during the campaign against Pskov Lithuanian Prince Vitovt. After it burned a new center neighborhood was founded in 1414, Opochka, and the settlement in Kologo continued to exist until the seventeenth century.

"Black archeologists" discovered the tomb of Carian king
According to reports, Turkish police managed to arrest several of "black archeologists", which for 7 months had been illegally excavated near the ancient city of Milas. As a result of…

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What is archaeology and why is it necessary?
The word "archaeology" of Greek origin, like the origin of the names of many other Sciences (history, geography, Geology). It consists of two words - arhayos (ancient) and -logos (word,…