"Black diggers" have plundered an archaeological site in Koloa transferred to newly established area
"Black diggers" looted the monument of Federal value - the settlement of Koloa (XIV-XVII centuries), located in area of Opochka Okrug. The destruction of the settlement, the archaeologists reported by…

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Russian archaeologists have found in Ecuador, traces of a culture older than 5.5 thousand years
[caption id="attachment_550" align="alignleft" width="300"] SONY DSC[/caption] On a dig in Ecuador, archaeologists have found traces of cultures older than 5.5 thousand years. The work was carried out on the territory…

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The Museum “the Narva gate” opened the exhibition “Archaeological discoveries on the Okhta Cape”

The exhibition presents sensational finds, discovered on the Okhta Cape, as well as Photos showing the unique archaeological monuments.

On 19 September at the Museum “Narvskaya Outpost”, located in the manor house of the Princess Dashkova, will open a unique exhibition “Archaeological discoveries on the Okhta Cape”. The exhibition presents sensational finds, discovered on the Okhta Cape, as well as Photos showing the unique archaeological monuments. As a result of years of excavations of the St Petersburg archaeological expedition North-West Institute of cultural and natural heritage and the Institute of history of material culture (the Institute) was opened a unique multi-layered monument, testifying to the ancient history of the reclamation of the territory of modern St. Petersburg. It and facilities of the Neolithic, and the ancient settlement of XII – XIII centuries and fortification of the XIV – XVII centuries the fortress of Landskrona in 1300 years, the fortress of Nyenskans in different time periods, and Russian settlement Nevskoye Ustye, Nyenskans prior to the first.

The Museum “Narvskaya Zastava” invites to touch the amazing history of St. Petersburg and its environs. The exhibition “Archaeological discoveries on the Okhta Cape” in the estate of E. R. Dashkova prestonettes visitors in a new capacity. The exhibition materials included in the plan of the main Museum, where the archaeological site can be transferred to different periods of Petersburg history and gopetersburg. The Museum collection includes rare archaeological collection of Ekateringof, Benowa house (house of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow state University on the Vasilievsky island), the Lower dacha in Peterhof.


Case of a St Petersburg businessman, to which with great respect remain and the people of the state, and public figures, did not become a resonance process. On the one hand, despite all the efforts of the wine Petrova investigation of several alleged crimes is still not proven. With the other behind bars without being weighty accusations of languishing older man suffering from cancer and other serious diseases, and under his leadership, the enterprise “Mayak” have to deal with the crisis on their own.

Vladimir shamakhov: “Profit is above all, but honor above profit”

The new President of the oldest Russian business club “Marketing club of St. Petersburg” – elected Vladimir shamakhov, doctor of economic Sciences, candidate of historical Sciences, Director of the North-Western Institute of management Russian Academy of national economy and state service under the President of the Russian Federation. According to members of the organization, the election of Vladimir Shamahov the head must be noticeably “spice up” activities.

In France archaeologists have discovered fragments of ancient human remains
Young volunteers assisted the archaeologists discovered in southwestern France to the cave of Arago d prehistoric tooth that belonged to an adult, who lived half a million years ago. Despite…

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The world's oldest tea has been extracted from the tomb of Chinese Emperor
British researchers working on the re-Dating part of the ancient silk road opened 2100 years old tomb of a Chinese Emperor and discovered in it the remains of the oldest…