"Black diggers" destroyed war memorial and ancient burial mounds in the Leningrad region
The value seekers looted medieval burial mounds near the village of Policy and desecrated the memorial to the victims of the great Patriotic war on the site of the former…

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Excavations of ancient settlements in the desert
The Horde is a great misfortune of the Russian world,after his baptism and monument to this pure steppe,missile test ranges of the TRANS-Volga region-sebastin foe,Yes the Astrakhan Kremlin.How many troubles…

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Here for the first time found a cemetery and the stone for the sacrifice of the ancient Germans.

In the Ternopil region near the village Soap first found the burial ground and the stone for the sacrifice of the ancient Germans, the time of creation which scientists refer to the beginning II — end of the III century BC this was reported by regional media.

“It’s not sanctuary, but a small altar, — said Director of KP “Podolsky archeology” Bogdan Strocen. — Like the monuments found in Volhynia and Podolia it for the first time. Therefore, we can assume that there are more, we just haven’t found”.

Found in the graves on the chest of the two adults were two bronze fibulae (zip decoration), where he fastened the cloak — century fabric has decayed, but the metal pins are preserved. Also found in burial the traditional ceramics made by hand .

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“And this is how their card is hand-sculpted pots — emphasizes the interlocutor. — Therefore, can confidently say that Zborowski lived among the first of the ancient Germans, who came on the tail”.

No less puzzles threw ritual space near the burial ground. During the excavations it was noticed thanks to blackened charred rocks that were lying on a large komennolla installed on North-West — North-East. And on top, like the cross, and there were stones with traces of fire. The stones at the burial ground could not be accidental, because in around a radius of several kilometers of rocks or stones there.

See also: In the Ternopil region live the most amazing Ghost in Ukraine According to the custom of the ancient Germans it is known that they are a sacrifice to the gods occasionally brought even people. Although Zborowski, examining the place of ritual, archaeologists have found bones. Probably, here only the burnt sacrificial food (grain or milk) or simply lit the ritual fire for the holidays.

Despite the discovery, thanks to which the ancient Germans may qualify for “registration” in the museums of the region, researchers expect new discoveries.