In Moldova there is a struggle with "black diggers"
Chisinau, 18 February. Customs of Moldova has detained two consignments of gold and silver jewelry. Decoration tried to withdraw from the so-called "black diggers". In the country, more and more…

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Looking for historic village from space. Where to search for treasures and old villages.
Before any novice searcher at the first output field appears in the question: "Where to look for treasures and old villages?" Just walking in the blind, in any field, it…

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Open archaeology

Khan catasexual the legend about the treasure, which lies in the waters of the Kazan Kaban lake. When the troops of Ivan the Stern came to Kazan Khan’s innumerable treasures were putaendo, under cover of night, lowered to the bottom of the lake in its Northern part. Huge amount of jewelry; gold and silver bars; Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Russian and West-European coins. more

Hidden sacred colorcoordinate in Mexico, the Spaniards tried not to think about the Redskins lost civilization of the Maya. There were many fierce and bloody pages in the history of their conquest. And yet there came a time when talking about them again. Initially emerged of the legend. They were passed from mouth to mouth, and everyone tried to decorate them by adding your own.

Mysterious manuscriptcentral sensation: scientists allegedly found with 200 years old manuscript that contains a secret prediction. Jesus Christ.The doctor Fell to Melonette, the Creator of this for us funky finds, declares that the translated text contains clear indications of the imminent end of the world. In General, in his opinion, some of us will survive and will see the 2nd coming of Christ.

5 civilizations on one korablina Maritime trade routes, which took place along the southern coast of Turkey sank, for various reasons, a lot of old ships. The death of 1 of their trade, glinojeck 20 meters, loaded with valuable goods and products has become, you need to think large loss for the inhabitants of the Eastern Mediterranean. It happened in the XIV century.

Unclaimed bakshish age of computers and space exploration — it is hard to imagine that on our planet there are ancient civilizations not yet explored by scientists. And yet it is so. Everyone knows that the proof is the discovery by Russian archaeologists of the old country of Margiana.And yet she found — the country of Margiana, decades excited.

Leopard Phalacrocorax heritage who lived on the countryside of Colombia before the century, had excellent technology of production of gold jewelry. To this conclusion leads the analysis of preserved 26 thousand works of art in the gold Museum — Museo del Oro in Bogota. Renesmee archaeological evidence of Metalworking refer to the extreme ages of the past era. Craft was born in the lower.

Tatar platonically Genghis Khan, who conquered half the world probably was not able to imagine that someday it can be useful to the Navy. The nomads disliked even rivers, seeing in them not so much a means to live, how much Aqua obstacle: time and again they were stopped and even sobered up water, along which grew rich town farmers I.

Machu Picchu: the lost city Incomepoverty high in the Peruvian Andes on a rocky, steeply descending down a mountain, Machu Picchu seems to hover in the mist. This fortified city was discovered only in the XX century, 400 years after it stagnated in life.Now in just a few hours by train and bus traveler can overcome a hundred.

The mound was about 5 sakanoshita unique archaeological discovery in the Zaporozhye region, on the banks of the river Cingul. But more writing about the hypotheses, beliefs, guesses. And extremely would like to read, how did the discovery of the unusual burial of the Polovtsian Khan. A. Malyshev, Moschnosti, it was one of the few mounds which they kept for themselves a piece of virgin.

History Zimbabwen terrain of Zimbabwe is a mountain ridge Matopos. Here, in the granite mountains, in the midst of unusual accumulations of old boulders placed the cave in which lies the remains of the deceased in 1868 Moselekatse the founder of the state, the tribes matabele. And indeed, after his death the post of the Governor passed on to his offspring the Lobengula, to the naming connected drama.

Ammonite, a prehistoric relative of the squid, lived in a twisted spiral shell and swam in the sea. When he died, the soft tissue of his body has rotted or…

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Archaeologists may have found the ship of Columbus in which he discovered America
A group of American archaeologists found at the bottom of the Caribbean off the North coast of Haiti the wreckage, presumably of the ship "Santa Maria", which Christopher Columbus discovered…