Unique archaeological finds were discovered in Mtskheta
According to law, construction work was suspended and the study of the territory began archaeologists. In the study area they have identified and studied the graves of the early middle…

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New archaeological discoveries in Altai
8 October were key activities of the VIII week of education of member States of the Shanghai cooperation organization "Education without borders". Among them – the opening of the exhibition…

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Found the remains of the first people of America?

Archaeologists led by Arturo Gonzalez (Arturo González), the Director of the desert Museum in Saltillo (Museo del Desierto), Mexico, is lifted from the bottom of the Caribbean sea the skeleton women ages 13 600 years, reports National Geographic. This finding, dubbed the “eve of Naharon” (Eva de Naharon), was first discovered four years ago in a deep cave near the coast of Cancun (Cancún). Together with it there were skulls and bones of three people who lived on the territory of modern Mexico long before the first settlements in Egypt.

“We don’t know where they came from these people: whether they arrived from the depths of the continent, from the jungles, or sailed from the Atlantic”, – said the head of research. “But we believe that these findings – the oldest in the Americas. They will certainly change our understanding of how migrated ancient people”.

According to the generally accepted version, the colonization of the American continents occurred 11-14 thousand years ago, when the ice of the Bering Strait to North America came the tribes from Siberia. However “eve of Naharon” might disprove this theory, because its age exceeds the age of the remains found in Asia and North America at the time of the proposed resettlement. In addition, the shape of the skulls found, according to archaeologists,closer to Asian than North Asian type.

The remains of “eve” and her people were found at a depth of 15 m below sea level, but 14 thousand years ago this area was dry land, up to 8 – 9 thousand years ago sea level has risen by 60 m and a significant part of the Yucatan Peninsula was under water. This is confirmed by the fact that earlier in underwater caves of the Caribbean, scientists found bones of ancient animals.

Last month in South and Central America were made at least two significant archaeological finds: the first underground labyrinth of Mayan origin, the second is a well – preserved mummy of the pre-Inca culture in Peru were.

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Russian archaeologists have found in Ecuador, traces of a culture older than 5.5 thousand years
[caption id="attachment_550" align="alignleft" width="300"] SONY DSC[/caption] On a dig in Ecuador, archaeologists have found traces of cultures older than 5.5 thousand years. The work was carried out on the territory…

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Near Yucatan was found the skeleton of a prehistoric girl
No wonder Cooper and Mayne Reid's so popular in Russia. Science has proven that the ancestors of modern American Indians are the Siberians. They moved to America anywhere from 18…