In France archaeologists have discovered fragments of ancient human remains
Young volunteers assisted the archaeologists discovered in southwestern France to the cave of Arago d prehistoric tooth that belonged to an adult, who lived half a million years ago. Despite…

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Near Yucatan was found the skeleton of a prehistoric girl
No wonder Cooper and Mayne Reid's so popular in Russia. Science has proven that the ancestors of modern American Indians are the Siberians. They moved to America anywhere from 18…

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The City Of Hebron

Hebron is one of oldest cities in the world and one of the four Jewish Holy cities along with Jerusalem, Tiberias and Tzfat. A city that has become a religious Shrine of three religions, is subject to constant tensions between Arabs and Jews. In addition to biblical attractions, Hebron is attractive for its glass-blowing industry, grapes, figs and olives that grows abundantly in the vicinity of the city.

Hebron is one of the oldest cities in the region, associated with the names of the patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and king David. In the Bible, Hebron is also called Mamre and Kiryat Arba. According to the old Testament Abraham bought the cave of Machpelah for 400 shekels of silver at jetanin of Ephron to bury Sarah. In the same cave were later buried Abraham and Jacob and Isaac with their wives. There is a version that in the same cave are buried the remains of the first people on earth – Adam and eve.

Prior to the taking of Jerusalem. for seven years, Hebron was the capital of David’s Kingdom. During the Jewish war, the Romans captured the city and renamed it Abramius. Replaced the Romans came the Byzantines, then the crusaders, Mamluks, and Ottomans. During the six day war, Israeli forces took the city without meeting much resistance. Today live here, mainly Jews from English-speaking countries.

The main Shrine of Hebron – the tomb of the patriarchs, which are revered by all. First of synagogued the cave where the patriarchs are buried, has erected another Herod. Later on its walls the crusaders built the Church of St. Abraham. Now here erected a mosque, the building which was rebuilt several times. Today most of the city is located on the territory of the Palestinian authority, a mosque guarded by the troops, and the Jews are allowed to visit only during limited hours.

Near Hebron, the ruins of the ancient settlement of Alonei-Mamre, where, according to the Bible Abraham was visited by three angels. In Elona-Mamre you can explore the remains of the Byzantine Basilica and the well, called Abraham. Nearby is a hospice belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church. In 1868 the Russian ecclesiastical mission bought a plot of land, where it still grows testiculate oak. According to the legend, the oak tree grew in the place where Abraham met with the angels. Until the 1990s, the oak tree was covered with leaves, today it looks like a dead tree. Oak bark is considered sacred, and many pilgrims who wish to join Bible history, in no small degree contributed to the destruction of testiculate oak.

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of the oldest gay man on the planet
The method of disposal men could indicate that he was a man with a different sexual orientation or a transvestite. Scientists have found the remains of ancient man, which can…

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Excavations of ancient settlements in the desert
The Horde is a great misfortune of the Russian world,after his baptism and monument to this pure steppe,missile test ranges of the TRANS-Volga region-sebastin foe,Yes the Astrakhan Kremlin.How many troubles…