In Makhachkala passed the opening of the exhibition "Archeology of cinema"
In the Museum of fine ARTS. P. S. Gamzatova opened an exhibition of Irish artist Patrick Hoke. The artist uses in her exhibitions, Photo, video, light and sound. Before the…

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Stone tomb – a sacred land of ancient
Wonderful region – the Azov steppe! Here, as in planetary chronicle, lists all milestones in the history of the Earth - everywhere geological monuments, ancient burial mounds, stone images, traces…

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“Black diggers” destroyed war memorial and ancient burial mounds in the Leningrad region

The value seekers looted medieval burial mounds near the village of Policy and desecrated the memorial to the victims of the great Patriotic war on the site of the former village Bolshoye Zarechye.

This was reported by local residents. Having left on a scene, archaeologists and activists of the public movement for the protection of the archaeological heritage Amateur recorded traces of illicit robber excavations with the use of a metal detector in the two burial groups at villages of Pumice and Lakes on the territory of the memorial complex is a Large District.

As reported by the coordinator of the Public movement for the protection of the archaeological heritage Ivan Stasiuk, mound group near the village of Glumetza robbers had dug up ancient barrow XII – XIII centuries. from the tracks in the area, the robbery of an ancient burial was made recently, no more than 10 to 15 days ago. In the Kurgan group near the village of Lake dug 4 ancient mound. There the robbers “worked” in the late autumn of last year. Not digging all the mounds in a row, but selectively. According to archaeologists, this clearly indicates that the thieves were using a metal detector.

Both burial groups have the status of a cultural heritage of the Russian Federation – archaeological monument and protected by the state. Excavation without special represenatation and punishable by law. The destruction of ancient burial mounds is a criminal offence (article 243 of the criminal code). According to experts, the IPO “Amateur” and the State Museum Agency of the Leningrad region, as a result of predatory excavations of burial mounds in Glumica D. and D. Lake completely destroyed, historical monuments restoration is not subject.

On the territory of the military memorial Large District marked traces kladoiskatelskoe excavation with the use of a metal detector: two large hole and many small holes. A memorial in the District also known as “Russian Khatyn” and is dedicated to the memory of the village burnt with all its inhabitants in a 1943 Nazi invaders. Kladoiskatelskoe excavations were carried out on the territory of the burnt houses. According to experts, the robbers did not manage to inflict serious damage to the monument. Rather, we should talk about the act of vandalism, than on the destruction of cultural heritage.

Case of a St Petersburg businessman, to which with great respect remain and the people of the state, and public figures, did not become a resonance process. On the one hand, despite all the efforts of the wine Petrova investigation of several alleged crimes is still not proven. With the other behind bars without being weighty accusations of languishing older man suffering from cancer and other serious diseases, and under his leadership, the enterprise “Mayak” have to deal with the crisis on their own.

Vladimir shamakhov: “Profit is above all, but honor above profit”

The new President of the oldest Russian business club “Marketing club of St. Petersburg” – elected Vladimir shamakhov, doctor of economic Sciences, candidate of historical Sciences, Director of the North-Western Institute of management Russian Academy of national economy and state service under the President of the Russian Federation. According to members of the organization, the election of Vladimir Shamahov the head must be noticeably “spice up” activities.

And again forbidden archeology reveals new findings that do not answer the questions whether the giants. and create new ones. There Was A Cyclops?
USA, Texas, while vacationing at a resort a big Band-Country-two young paleontologist, Victor Pacheco and Martin fried decided to study the little-known caves. Imagine their surprise when in one of…

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The mysterious findings.
Indeed, the findings very much. So much that they could no longer hide. Very interesting on this topic the book "Forbidden archaeology" Michael Baigent . Those interested in the various…