"Black diggers" destroyed war memorial and ancient burial mounds in the Leningrad region
The value seekers looted medieval burial mounds near the village of Policy and desecrated the memorial to the victims of the great Patriotic war on the site of the former…

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Historical and archaeological Museum of the state budgetary institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The history of the Kerch Museum of antiquities began with the personal collection of the Field of Dobruca (1774 - 1835) — the founder of the Kerch archaeological, founded in…

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Tourists in Greece can visit the ancient settlement of Akrotiri

On 11 April, the tourists vacationing in Greece, was again able to visit the excavations of Akrotiri on Santorini. The ancient city belongs to the period of the Minoan civilization, the people here came about in the fourth Millennium BC. In 2005, due to the collapse of the makeshift roof object has been closed, but after the reconstruction reopened for history buffs…

Today everyone has the opportunity to feel the breath of history, because the city of Akrotiri is considered one of the most significant monuments of Greece.

Signs of ancient settlements on Santorini were discovered during archaeological excavations in 1967. Realizing that they were on the threshold of a historic opening and to restore the details of life of the Minoans, the Greek team decided to engage in large-scale works.

During excavations archaeologists discovered pottery, furniture, frescoes and a lot of other items that date back to IV-III millennia BC. The work carried out by the Greek archaeologists, is considered unique because allowed us to detect even small artifacts that are merged into the narrative of a whole civilization.

According to historical Chronicles, the settlement at Santorini island existed until the XVII century BC, followed by a terrible volcanic eruption,ash covered the entire island and a cellar under the whole city.

However, lucky for historians was the fact that the island was not destroyed by fire, namely the ashes, so he was effectively “mothballed” and kept its appearance despite the Millennium.

Scientists believe that the eruption of a volcano in Akrotiri affected the inhabitants of the island Crete, here in the seventeenth century B. C. began a severe famine. Most likely, the inhabitants of Santorini were seriously engaged in farming and transporting food to Crete.

Today, the Greeks and the country have the opportunity to see firsthand one of the oldest cities in the world, which for seven years was closed to the public due to the collapse of the roof, erected over valuable historical object. As a result of incident one person died and “ancient city” was closed until then, until you have created a safe environment for tourists.

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of the oldest gay man on the planet
The method of disposal men could indicate that he was a man with a different sexual orientation or a transvestite. Scientists have found the remains of ancient man, which can…

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Archaeology: new finds and discoveries
Kurgan Sarmatians from the I century BC with the burial and expensive utensils found near Rostov-on-don, in Moscow, found a treasure of copper coins of the mid-seventeenth century. In Bashkiria…