Looking for historic village from space. Where to search for treasures and old villages.
Before any novice searcher at the first output field appears in the question: "Where to look for treasures and old villages?" Just walking in the blind, in any field, it…

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Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the ancient graves of lovers.
The remains of a man lying close to him women found Greek archaeologists in the legendary cave of Alepotrypa (Fox hole), which is a type of the Kingdom of Hades…

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Ancient Suvar: archaeological research and findings

Husin Fayaz Sharipovich — the doctor of historical Sciences, Professor head of the Department of history of Tatarstan TGTU Gaisanov Ilgizar ravilyevich — candidate of historical Sciences, senior researcher of the National centre of archaeological research of the Institute of history. Sh. Mardzhani of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan Airat Kamalov Lenartowicz — lecturer of the Department of history of state and law of Russia, foreign countries and international law of Kazan juridical Institute of the MIA of Russia

Ancient Suvar . archaeological research and findings / authors-compilers A. A. Khaidarov, and others; ed. by G. A. mukhamadieva. — Kazan: KJUI the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, 2009. 207.

The authors consider the stages of creation Shuvarskogo Museum-reserve and its current state, the content of the sources devoted to the study of Suvar, and also provide a description of the most significant finds made on the studied settlement. The book contains lots of illustrations. The manual is intended for specialists studying the history and culture of Volga Bulgaria, as well as for a wide range of readers.

The book was prepared: Khaidarov albert Anvarovich — teacher of Kazan law Institute MVD of Russia (section I, II, V) Nabiev Rustam Fanisovich — Ph. D. associate Professor Kazenskopravnih Institute of the Ministry of internal Affairs (section III) Sadriyev Ninel Masgutova — senior researcher of the Bulgarian state historical and architectural Museum-reserve (BYAMS), head of the branch of “Suvar” (II, IV) Rybakov Alexander Yuryevich — the inspector of Department of protection of monuments of the Bulgarian state historical and architectural Museum-reserve (section II, V).

What is archaeology and why is it necessary?
The word "archaeology" of Greek origin, like the origin of the names of many other Sciences (history, geography, Geology). It consists of two words - arhayos (ancient) and -logos (word,…

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Archaeological monuments: the remains of ancient settlements
The antiquity of the city is designated artifacts found at archaeological sites. Traces of ancient settlements, the so-called settlements, can coexist with urban buildings and to the uninitiated to be…