Historical and archaeological Museum of the state budgetary institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The history of the Kerch Museum of antiquities began with the personal collection of the Field of Dobruca (1774 - 1835) — the founder of the Kerch archaeological, founded in…

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Found the remains of the first people of America?
Archaeologists led by Arturo Gonzalez (Arturo González), the Director of the desert Museum in Saltillo (Museo del Desierto), Mexico, is lifted from the bottom of the Caribbean sea the skeleton…

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Looking for historic village from space. Where to search for treasures and old villages.

Before any novice searcher at the first output field appears in the question: “Where to look for treasures and old villages?” Just walking in the blind, in any field, it means in advance to deprive yourself to search engine success. So in this article I want to tell you to novice searchers and treasure-hunters how to find a decent place to look without having old maps. Describe two basic ways that will help the beginner to achieve at least initial success in finding suitable places for excavation.

The first way to search villages and places of possible treasures you can implement right now, using the program Google Earth, a free version can be downloaded from the official website. So to start, here are the places that we potentially interesting. This primarily individual homes and farms, and places of ancient settlements, plowed mounds that are not protected by the state objects, it is highly a good idea to walk around the sites of former river channels, as there could be areas for swimming and fishing, taking boat rides, the people, could lose various items.

As maps Google Earth, find a farmhouse or detached house.

Answer this question pemasukan with prepared screenshots. Green circles highlight where you can see the change of the soil. More bright spots are the remnants destroyed and the crushed Adobe (mud brick) from which previously built houses. To the left of the green circle you can see the change in the soil towards a darker hue, it means that the place is, as was dobralas earlier — apparently there was a vegetable garden.

How to find a place to search for in the garden or the vineyard?

Here light spots, not visible on the bare ploughed up, and in the vineyard. On such sites to find directly the place where was the old house a little more difficult. Therefore, consider using trees, shrubs and other items. There are cases when such spots were not houses, but just by washouts and erosion of soil, but in our case without intelligence can not do, so feel free to go out into the field and swing the coil.

How to find the site of the antique settlement?

Places where there are ancient burial mounds, destroyed by the archaeologists or the local “natives” can become a place of success. Agree that near the graves could have been lost household items of ancient people, and in the best case you can hope that you will find nearby the ancient poceluja. Do not pipette the ancient mounds, which are protected by law, as this is an article about the destruction of the historical heritage of the country. The Photo shows the demolished mound by archaeologists:

Where else can you wave a coil of the metal detector?

In places where once flowed rivers or streams you can try your luck, as the river banks were inhabited by people, there was a constant flow of fresh water. So any time the water can be a source of not only water but also food, you need only to throw a rod or net. So show how it looks on Google Earth ancient riverbed:

As we have seen, we need to pay attention to where people lived. As a rule, artifacts of human life — the remnants of the destroyed buildings: fragments of foundations, building brick and tile. If you saw the place on the field where the scattered pieces of building stone, ceramics, pottery and glass, do not try to avoid such sites. Practice proved that ancient coins and other antiquities, gets together with fragments of ancient pottery.

The five most ancient cities in Europe.
1. Athens (Greece) date of establishment: 4 — 5 thousand BC the birthplace of classical Greece and Western civilization, Athens is saturated with sights and monuments reminding the visitors about…

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Near Yucatan was found the skeleton of a prehistoric girl
No wonder Cooper and Mayne Reid's so popular in Russia. Science has proven that the ancestors of modern American Indians are the Siberians. They moved to America anywhere from 18…