And again forbidden archeology reveals new findings that do not answer the questions whether the giants. and create new ones. There Was A Cyclops?
USA, Texas, while vacationing at a resort a big Band-Country-two young paleontologist, Victor Pacheco and Martin fried decided to study the little-known caves. Imagine their surprise when in one of…

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Ancient Suvar: archaeological research and findings
Husin Fayaz Sharipovich — the doctor of historical Sciences, Professor head of the Department of history of Tatarstan TGTU Gaisanov Ilgizar ravilyevich — candidate of historical Sciences, senior researcher of…

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The mysterious findings.

Indeed, the findings very much. So much that they could no longer hide. Very interesting on this topic the book “Forbidden archaeology” Michael Baigent . Those interested in the various mysteries of history, simply must read it. The book can be found on the Internet, it is very popular and is probably on all the literary sites and torrents.

Why deleted the message about the Shigir idol. That is not so.

The forum is created for communication. Try to write your own words and not copy from other sites the article. I understand that sometimes it is necessary to quote the original text, but this should not become a habit.

Try to write your own words and not copy from other sites the article.

Well, in your own words: Shigir Idol is the oldest wooden sculpture in the world found on the territory of Russia. Radiocarbon analysis was conducted at the Institute of history of material culture (St. Petersburg) under the direction of G. I. Zaitseva at the Institute of Geology Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow). The results of both examinations were identical: the idol was performed during the Mesolithic period (middle stone age) to 9.5 thousand years ago — that is, he is much older than the Egyptian pyramids.

Ancient technology of the Gods 10,000 years ago

I heard somewhere that many of the miners has its own collection of unusual things that they find deep underground – in mines,sealed in the corner, which is 300-400 million years old.

Archaeological evidence for the existence of high civilizations in the past. In 1961 in America found hex insulator, pierced cylindrical hole, in which was the rod of light metal with a diameter of 2 mm with taps. This thing is very similar to a spark plug. The age of 500,000 years.

The Salzburg parallelepiped was found in Austria in 1885 as a piece of coal. Refers to the Tertiary period, at least 1.6 million years ago.

Stone bolt, which was discovered during the scientific expedition group Kosmopoisk. A detailed study of this bolt in the leading laboratories of our country has proven that it’s a real metal object that is 300 million years old have turned to stone. X-rays showed that inside there is a smaller bolt.

Found some interesting information about unusual finds. I think you will be interested. During excavations in Turkey found a toy car. Toy belongs to the Neolithic and the age of 7,500 years. The car has a cab, two axles and four wheels. The car is made of stone. Where do people 7500 years ago knew about cars? The find is exhibited in the Museum of Mardin in Turkey.

Honestly, this “machine” is more like a wagon of the times bronze age (4-3 thousand BC) or early bronze age. The Chalcolithic maketika carts often come together with the zoomorphic figures, probably had some ritual significance. These carts Chalcolithic-early bronze age was followed by oxen, because horses as a draft animal has not yet been used. If Turkish gem really belongs to the Neolithic age, so the earliest.

Looking for historic village from space. Where to search for treasures and old villages.
Before any novice searcher at the first output field appears in the question: "Where to look for treasures and old villages?" Just walking in the blind, in any field, it…

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Historical and archaeological Museum of the state budgetary institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The history of the Kerch Museum of antiquities began with the personal collection of the Field of Dobruca (1774 - 1835) — the founder of the Kerch archaeological, founded in…