Archaeology: new finds and discoveries
Kurgan Sarmatians from the I century BC with the burial and expensive utensils found near Rostov-on-don, in Moscow, found a treasure of copper coins of the mid-seventeenth century. In Bashkiria…

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The mysterious findings.
Indeed, the findings very much. So much that they could no longer hide. Very interesting on this topic the book "Forbidden archaeology" Michael Baigent . Those interested in the various…

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In Makhachkala passed the opening of the exhibition “Archeology of cinema”

In the Museum of fine ARTS. P. S. Gamzatova opened an exhibition of Irish artist Patrick Hoke. The artist uses in her exhibitions, Photo, video, light and sound. Before the audience come cynobacteria copied once for shooting films with original artifacts, now themselves part of history. In recent work, Patrick Koch used the archives of the historical cinaralti, in order to explore how the cinematic image is an indelible part of our perception of history. For this exhibition the artist presents several video works, installed in three areas of the hall of the Museum, including a new short film recently shot in Los Angeles. Six monitors show the viewer rotating props on a green background. The author is not trying to assure the originality of the exhibit, by contrast, emphasizes its artificiality. Patrick himself says: “My work is about how historical knowledge is constructed in the present. Now more than ever, we get a historical knowledge of cinema. Given that cinema participates in our lives everywhere, I’m curious to see how movies can change our attitude towards history. I wonder what they, these cinaralti continue life when the movie is already filmed. What nepravishta on. At the moment I am most interested in the movie. The theme of my first large works were abandoned Hollywood scenery in Morocco. Now they have turned into modern historical ruins, which after the film became pseudoarchaeologists monuments. When I last year worked at “Mosfilm”, ‘ve done a little work with doubles Lenin, because for me they were kind of living a sham. I was wondering how they change our understanding of the past through ourselves. I was interested in how and why the doubles in Moscow turned out to be so unique in his profession. In no other country have I met in the tourist business physical embodiment of such controversial historical figures”.

In a series of Pictures “Ouarzazate” the artist captures buildings in the same city, built for the filming of movies: dusty gas station with rusting cars, the American flag, evolving over desert terrain, and even unfinished copy of the ka’aba – all this was created for the movie, and is now a part of history and a life of its own.

Visitor and graduate art-graphic faculty, describing the exhibition, said, “what is presented at the exhibition is very new to Dagestan, but not for the world. The appearance of foreign artists in Dagestan’s a good sign. We will wait for the development in this direction. I hope the trail blazed by Patrick Hoke will not be overgrown”.

The exhibition will last until July 15.

The share of Yakutia accounts for 77, 5 all the unique finds the frozen remains of ancient animals in the world
Almost every year we find mammoths, woolly rhinos and other ice age animals. But without research, these findings represent only an interesting Museum exhibits. A large amount of information can…

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A fascinating tour to the ancient Ostia (Ostia Antica)
Did you know that near Rome is one of the oldest, most famous and best-preserved settlements of the Roman Empire? In the heart of a beautiful Park, near mouth (lat.…