Unique archaeological finds were discovered in Mtskheta
According to law, construction work was suspended and the study of the territory began archaeologists. In the study area they have identified and studied the graves of the early middle…

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Open archaeology
Khan catasexual the legend about the treasure, which lies in the waters of the Kazan Kaban lake. When the troops of Ivan the Stern came to Kazan Khan's innumerable treasures…

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The badgers helped the archaeologists to dig up ancient graves

The badgers helped the archaeologists in the excavations of medieval graves near Berlin, and thus made an amazing contribution to archaeological discoveries that bell made as a result.

Archaeologists said that the burial was found eight people who lived in the 12th century. Two of them are probably Slavic lords. Among other things found was a number of important artifacts such as bowls, sword, belt buckle and the remains of the lords.

One of the badgers got into the field of view of the two sculptors. He seems to have dug its burrow near the grave. Thanks badger sculptors, who live on a farm nearby, found evidence of burial. It’s a Fluke that the sculptors were still and by Amateur archaeologists.

“We have excavated hip bone. Then it became clear that this grave person,” said Henrik Ring, one of the sculptors who discovered the tomb.

“We were not surprised by this finding because a whole field of ancient graves had been found in 1960 on the other side of the road. We attached the camera to the badger and took a few Photos with the remote control. We found some jewelry parts and contacted the authorities.”

The graves were excavated in the autumn of last year, but the results became known to the public only this week.

Artifacts testified about the difficult life of one of the lords, he was machinecomponent.

The bronze bowl was indicative of the high social position of people. Some of them were skeletons with swords and spears in their hands. Ie buried as warriors. Also found an elegant belt buckle that was in the form of the Greek letter “omega”.

In another grave was the skeleton of a woman with a coin in his mouth. This is likely one of the customs of the middle ages. Then a coin was placed in mouth or in hand to the soul of the deceased could pay the ferryman for crossing the river of the dead.

The company “Tourism Ireland” has launched a new and improved website for its audience. In honor of such an innovation, the site announced a competition for one lucky winner, who received a gift would be a trip.

If you ever visit Brussels, you have probably seen the world famous “Manneken Pis”. This bronze statue-fountain of a little boy that writes to a pool. This little boy became the main attraction of the city.

In one of the Chinese zoos African lion instead of the owners slipped a visitors dog. This became known after the “lion” started barking. The zoo is in the Park “Park of Luohe” in Central.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs urged the British to the red sea resort of Hurghada to heed the advice of local police and stay within the territory of your hotel.

Archaeologists have discovered in Jerusalem the settlement age 7 thousand years
Archaeologists recently found scarce traces of Chalcolithic near Jerusalem, but significant remains of the ancient settlement discovered for the first time, said the representative of the Israel antiquities authority. Archaeologists…

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The share of Yakutia accounts for 77, 5 all the unique finds the frozen remains of ancient animals in the world
Almost every year we find mammoths, woolly rhinos and other ice age animals. But without research, these findings represent only an interesting Museum exhibits. A large amount of information can…