Found the remains of the first people of America?
Archaeologists led by Arturo Gonzalez (Arturo González), the Director of the desert Museum in Saltillo (Museo del Desierto), Mexico, is lifted from the bottom of the Caribbean sea the skeleton…

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The world's oldest tea has been extracted from the tomb of Chinese Emperor
British researchers working on the re-Dating part of the ancient silk road opened 2100 years old tomb of a Chinese Emperor and discovered in it the remains of the oldest…

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And again forbidden archeology reveals new findings that do not answer the questions whether the giants. and create new ones. There Was A Cyclops?

USA, Texas, while vacationing at a resort a big Band-Country-two young paleontologist, Victor Pacheco and Martin fried decided to study the little-known caves. Imagine their surprise when in one of them they came across a 2.5 metre high remains of strange and amazing creatures, whose weight exceeded 300 pounds. But what is most striking the skull with one eye socket in the middle of the forehead incredibly accurately resembled the mythical creature. Age remains about 10 thousand years. This surprised and shocked many scientists from around the world. Kudos to the authors of this finding did not come immediately and they had to regret that unfortunate finding, because the first message was received in the academic world as an evil joke. Only after a thorough examination they came to fame and notoriety. Yes it is indeed a Cyclops. Surprisingly, as could be in America, the character from Greek myth.

It is easier to assume that Cyclops existed on other continents. The ancient Greek historian and poet Homer, described them as evil giants, engaged in raising animals and living in caves.

But back to the myths: if you really had a Cyclops, it can be assumed that droogiesteve not so fantastic. The answer was not long in coming.

In Bulgaria, in the Rhodope mountains are the remains of skulls, creatures, which have no analogues in the animal world. Local media have dubbed this amazing discovery of “the skull of the Minotaur”. It immediately started scientists. Conducted radiocarbon examination and DNA analysis have produced such stunning results that the studies are immediately classified. However a small portion has leaked to the press and the Internet. It turns out that is the front part of an unknown substance, which was carefully cut tens of thousands of years ago, and which, no doubt, killed by human hands. I wonder who was the prototype of the mythical king Theseus – the Minotaur won. If you mentally put those remains in the flesh and imagine the blood-suffused eye creatures, then you will see the incredible picture, a cross between a human and a bull. The only thing that contradicts the myth that a small increase, but who knows, maybe it was a young specimen. However, we know nothing of her combat skills. Here it is possible to assume and presence of poison, and psychic capabilities of this creature, and much more.

The theme of aliens from outer space for decades excites the minds of millions of people. Written many scientific articles and fantastic. Official science denies it, but as it is insecure. Ufologists claim the opposite. But facts are facts.

For example, two striking findings in the last century:

1924-the year South Africa was found the skull of the “Taung child” that resembles a pumpkin. It was long believed that he belongs to a young specimen APE-like creatures. However, modern tests conducted in South Africa, Whether Bergeron and Ron Clark at the University of Witwatersrand has shown that the skull belongs to an extraterrestrial intelligent being, who slipped, fell and crashed, damaging the skull on the sharp rocks. Unbelievable, but true.

1995-the year – South America, Peru. Was discovered humanoid skull strange elongated shape, whose age is not less than 10 thousand years. Opinions differ – some consider this finding evidence of aliens visiting Earth, others that it’s a genetic mutation produced artificially. That for religious or other reasons in ancient times by the Incas that inhabited this territory was bandaged babies head to give such a form, at times reaching such amazing results. Who is right? The skull is currently kept in the Museum of Perkasa, forcing visitors to reflect on this mystery.

In Moldova there is a struggle with "black diggers"
Chisinau, 18 February. Customs of Moldova has detained two consignments of gold and silver jewelry. Decoration tried to withdraw from the so-called "black diggers". In the country, more and more…

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Mysterious monuments in archaeology
With the help of archeological findings, scientists are able to restore the lost information in the past. But sometimes incidents happen when scientists are not able to explain the purpose…