"Black archeologists" discovered the tomb of Carian king
According to reports, Turkish police managed to arrest several of "black archeologists", which for 7 months had been illegally excavated near the ancient city of Milas. As a result of…

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Looking for historic village from space. Where to search for treasures and old villages.
Before any novice searcher at the first output field appears in the question: "Where to look for treasures and old villages?" Just walking in the blind, in any field, it…

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The share of Yakutia accounts for 77, 5 all the unique finds the frozen remains of ancient animals in the world

Almost every year we find mammoths, woolly rhinos and other ice age animals. But without research, these findings represent only an interesting Museum exhibits. A large amount of information can be given only by scientific investigation.

The collection of the mammoth Museum has the world’s largest collection of frozen remains of ancient animals. I counted how many were found of such animals in the world with soft tissues: most of the mammoths – 20 pieces, woolly rhinos – 7, predators, horses – for 4 copies and two elk.

The share of Yakutia accounts for 77.5% of all unique finds of the frozen remains of ancient animals in the world. Why Yakutia is a global repository of animal carcasses of the mammoth fauna? While most of the Northern hemisphere was under glaciers a powerful cover which in places reached a thickness of one and a half kilometers. In Yakutia then and now was very little rainfall, the snow had time to melt, no ice cover – only in the mountain areas. Therefore, we have established favorable conditions for the habitat of animals of the mammoth fauna. The majority of the finds were made in the area between the rivers Lena and Kolyma. In particular, the richest in respect of finds of ancient animals that Yana-Indigirka and Kolyma lowlands and the new Siberian Islands.

65% of the territory
The Russian Federation is in the permafrost zone. Nevertheless, the temperature is not uniform – the farther you go North, the lower the price, and thus the remains of animals preserved better. Therefore, in the North many findings.

Most of the animals, which are with soft tissues, they drowned in the swamp, mud, nyasha. Then it all turned into a permafrost. Many findings are important. For example, the Oymyakon mammoth and the baby mammoth Lyuba was a hump. Thanks to these findings, scientists have seen this, because for a long time believed that the drawings in the caves of mammoth with a hump – this is just the style of drawing of ancient people.

The first object, in the excavations which I had to participate, it Kramskoi mammoth 2009. It is the most ancient mammoth with soft tissue, which is known to us. There is a method – radiocarbon Dating, which determines the accommodated object. This is a very precise method has a slight drawback – time limit. For 50 thousand years, the isotope of carbon decays completely and the sensor cannot determine the age. This method Kromskogo mammoth failed to produtivity.

Than interesting finding of the Verkhoyansk horse? The project ended in December last year, the publication of an article in one of the most prestigious journals PNAS in the United States. There was a comparison of modern Yakut DNA with the Verkhoyansk horses and other horses. It turned out that the ancient horse that lived on the territory of Yakutia few thousand years ago, not a direct ancestor of the Yakutian horse, as did Peter Lazarev, the founder of our Museum. The Yakut horse is turned out to be almost pure Mongolian horse, which proves the theory of the southern origin of the Sakha people.

Tourists in Greece can visit the ancient settlement of Akrotiri
On 11 April, the tourists vacationing in Greece, was again able to visit the excavations of Akrotiri on Santorini. The ancient city belongs to the period of the Minoan civilization,…

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The ancient inhabitants of the Land - People-giants
Many legends narrate the world about the giants, the giants, the titans in all of the ancient written sources. We often report on the findings in different parts of the…