Russian archeological expedition in Ecuador
The authors of this paper has brought together one of the most interesting and unsolved problems of archaeology of pre-Columbian America – the determination of the time and place of…

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The mystery of human origins. The life of primitive people. The Skeleton Of Lucy.
In the 70-ies of XX century in India, then in Europe and in Africa were found the remains of a Primate, Ramapithecus; the structure of his teeth was like the…

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In Moldova there is a struggle with “black diggers”

Chisinau, 18 February. Customs of Moldova has detained two consignments of gold and silver jewelry. Decoration tried to withdraw from the so-called “black diggers”. In the country, more and more people buy metal detectors and go in search of treasure. Not managed to visit specialists, hosted lovers. What can be done to save historical heritage was found out by the correspondent channel “WORLD 24” Kseniya Janeeva.

Bronze vessels, ceramics and sculptures made of marble brought in Moldavian history Museum from Amsterdam. There illegal treasure hunters tried to transport smuggled goods. Now exhibits, and has more than 20 items of antiquity and the Byzantine era, are located in a special vault.

“According to international law, if customs are Antiques, they are sent to the departure point. These subjects are taught, and expertise,” said an employee of the National Museum of history of Moldova Valery Bubulici.

Even earlier, in the hands of research workers have got antique coins. All the smugglers were trying to transport across the border 800 ancient coins and 13 kilograms of gold. Now local coin collectors conduct the examination.

With each coin specialists will remove tehnicheskaya, will determine the date, denomination, weight and entered in a special journal. A detailed analysis can immediately detect adulteration.

Moldovan land is rich in artifacts. After all, in ancient times here lay a major commercial and migration routes. Today in a small country, there are about nine thousand archaeological sites that have not yet fully explored experts. While archaeologists are looking for money for excavations, ahead of “black diggers”. Without a license they are buying metal detectors, and the ground often excavated by bulldozers, destroying priceless finds. They have nothing to fear because the penalty is only $ 200.

In the future, these entrepreneurs promise to punish severely. Officials from the Ministry of culture and Ministry of justice are finalizing amendments to the criminal code and the law on archaeological excavations.

According to the Vice Minister of culture of Moldova Gheorghe Postica, “this concerns on one side the penalties that will be imposed on a large scale, on the other hand provides for punishment including imprisonment for certain years”.

The Ministry of culture is also planning to keep a strict accounting of detectors and remove them from those who bought the device without a license.

Crystal skull and its mystery
In 1927 archaeologists engaged in excavations of an ancient Maya temple in North America, found something unusual – a human skull made of crystal. Experts say that to make such…

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Archaeologists may have found the ship of Columbus in which he discovered America
A group of American archaeologists found at the bottom of the Caribbean off the North coast of Haiti the wreckage, presumably of the ship "Santa Maria", which Christopher Columbus discovered…