Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the ancient graves of lovers.
The remains of a man lying close to him women found Greek archaeologists in the legendary cave of Alepotrypa (Fox hole), which is a type of the Kingdom of Hades…

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Historical and archaeological Museum of the state budgetary institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The history of the Kerch Museum of antiquities began with the personal collection of the Field of Dobruca (1774 - 1835) — the founder of the Kerch archaeological, founded in…

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Near Yucatan was found the skeleton of a prehistoric girl

No wonder Cooper and Mayne Reid’s so popular in Russia. Science has proven that the ancestors of modern American Indians are the Siberians. They moved to America anywhere from 18 to 26 thousand years ago on earth the isthmus across the Bering Strait. Scientists knew about this before, there were certain genetic developments, but they didn’t have the main evidence — fossils. And here they are lucky enough. They found almost completely preserved skeleton of a prehistoric girl in an underwater cave near Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. A thorough analysis of the skeleton confirms the link between the ancient and modern Siberians, American Indians.

This was reported in the latest issue of the leading international scientific journal “Case”. The study’s authors write, they analyzed the genetic material transferred by inheritance on the maternal side – the material was taken from the wisdom tooth of skeleton girls, raised to the surface by divers. As shown by the analysis of the tooth, the girl lived about 12 thousand years ago and belonged to a genetic tree of Asian origin that is found only in American Indians.

Fully preserved skull girls are more narrow and elongated than Sovremennaya. Her face smaller and her features more prominent. The study’s author James Chatters, paleoanthropology, writes that “now we know that the Siberians and American Indians have common ancestors in the maternal line”.

While that remains a mystery is the difference in the size and shape of skulls. But, perhaps, modern American Indians in the course of its development has been more solid skull as a result of adaptation to different food, social and natural conditions.

Angélique Corthals, an anthropologist at new York University who was not involved in the aforementioned study, says that the finding of scientists “rather excites our imagination” because he was found the skeleton in a consistent state. “It happens very rarely. They were able to extract a significant amount of mitochondrial DNA. This makes them a find of monumental,” she says.

Scientists now hope to extract nuclear DNA in order to establish ancestral and paternal. In addition, they will study the history of the girl’s health, her diet and physique. But for now I have to wait. The skeleton still remains in the underwater cave. “In the end we will raise it to the surface,” says Dr. Chatters.

Archaeologists in Egypt may have found the tomb of Queen Nefertiti
From the magazine "Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt" ( 01.07.2001. ) - "Egyptologist Susan James (Susan James) from UK claims. that the mummy of Nefertiti was more than a century…

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New archaeological discoveries in Altai
8 October were key activities of the VIII week of education of member States of the Shanghai cooperation organization "Education without borders". Among them – the opening of the exhibition…