Tourists in Greece can visit the ancient settlement of Akrotiri
On 11 April, the tourists vacationing in Greece, was again able to visit the excavations of Akrotiri on Santorini. The ancient city belongs to the period of the Minoan civilization,…

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Historical and archaeological Museum of the state budgetary institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The history of the Kerch Museum of antiquities began with the personal collection of the Field of Dobruca (1774 - 1835) — the founder of the Kerch archaeological, founded in…

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Stone tomb – a sacred land of ancient

Wonderful region – the Azov steppe! Here, as in planetary chronicle, lists all milestones in the history of the Earth – everywhere geological monuments, ancient burial mounds, stone images, traces of an ancient settlement. Among these stands out “stone island” – sacred land of ancient Stone Tomb. Similar places in the land unit: in Tibet, Nepal and Egypt. This “stone island”, as scientists believe, is one of the most powerful energy centers on the planet. Known ufologist K. Marchuk suggests that Stone Tomb – a special place, plays an important role not only within the planet but of the Cosmos. Here twice visited by the Dalai Lama. Of great interest to the Stone Tomb show the scientists-archeologists, bioenergetics, psychics, UFOlogy different countries.

The terrain is made of rocky outcrops with a height of 50-70 m in the middle of the steppe, formed 2 billion years ago by a volcanic eruption. Mining education was a cult for representatives of the Yamna, catacomb and timber grave cultures. The reserve is surrounded by two rings of Scythian burial mounds. On the grave of “Acute” was discovered a stone with petroglyphic cryptography. In one version of this Record that there was an altar of the ancient Scythians God Ares. Interesentam the fact that neither in the vicinity nor on the site of the Stone Graves, discovered human settlements. This suggests that there was an ancient sanctuary. Among heaps of stones, many natural voids, caves and passages in which discovered thousands of petroglyphs, prehistoric drawings and symbols. Not all the caves and passages discovered, unsolved mysteries lie buried beneath the sand.

Some pictures of Stone Graves are found in rock carvings of Sweden and Karelia. But, the bulk of the petroglyphs are unique in its kind. Many image scientists believe the drawings of animals (bulls, deer). The other petroglyphs are interpreted as magical drawings used in the ceremonies, enabling successful hunting, fishing etc. for example, intersecting lines, scientists interpreted as a symbol of fishing nets, which was intended for the cult ritual can bring good luck while fishing. A. G. Kitisin, examined the Stone Tomb, came to the conclusion that the petroglyphs are proto-Sumerian inscriptions.

Stone Grave covered with many legends. One of them says:

Guilty something hero Boghur before Allah, and he punished the hero: ordered to pull his hands from the middle of the mountain range the stones and put them on the shore of the Breast this high mountain from which all sides would be visible to the steppe. Fulfilling the command of Allah, Boghur tore from the ridge of great stones, carried them and stacked one on another as shown by Allah. For the speedy execution of the work, he resorted to cunning: the loosely piled stones. When more than half the work was already done, Boghur pulling the block, and inadvertently stumbled and fell into deliberately left between the stones of the slit, stuck there and died of hunger. Such punishment befell him for the desire to deceive Allah. After that, Allah commanded the wind to fill all the cracks with sand between the stones and close the body of the warrior Bogura, whose bones today found strangulated between the stones; the place was called Stone mountain.

Unique archaeological finds were discovered in Mtskheta
According to law, construction work was suspended and the study of the territory began archaeologists. In the study area they have identified and studied the graves of the early middle…

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Archaeological monuments: the remains of ancient settlements
The antiquity of the city is designated artifacts found at archaeological sites. Traces of ancient settlements, the so-called settlements, can coexist with urban buildings and to the uninitiated to be…