The share of Yakutia accounts for 77, 5 all the unique finds the frozen remains of ancient animals in the world
Almost every year we find mammoths, woolly rhinos and other ice age animals. But without research, these findings represent only an interesting Museum exhibits. A large amount of information can…

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Archaeologists have discovered in Jerusalem the settlement age 7 thousand years
Archaeologists recently found scarce traces of Chalcolithic near Jerusalem, but significant remains of the ancient settlement discovered for the first time, said the representative of the Israel antiquities authority. Archaeologists…

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Fossils from Argentina sheds light on the secrets of the largest land animal in Earth’s history

In the province of Mendoza (Argentina) paleontologists have found the remains of a giant titanosaur, whose age is equal to 86 million years. The new dinosaur scientists call Notocolossus gonzalezparejasi. This name translates as “southern giant Gonzalez and Parejas” (it was coined in honor of the principal author research Bernardo Gonzalez and the lawyer don Parejas, helping the paleontologists to excavate).

Titanosaurs were the largest land animals in the history of planet Earth. Their weight can reach 60 tons

The unique opening of scientists is that they have found well-preserved bones of the hind paws of a giant dinosaur. This discovery will allow paleontologists to learn more about how it moved some of the largest animals in the history of planet Earth. Recall that the pangolin, whose remains were found in Argentina, belongs to a new subspecies – titanosaurs. Scientists estimate that the weight of these giants can reach from 40 to 60 tons.

After excavations in the South American state scientists got the bones of spine, pelvis, tail, forelimb and full ankle and foot hind legs of the titanosaur. It is the latter fossils are paleontologically interest because they contain valuable information about how the clutches of a giant lizard had adapted to his huge mass.

The study’s lead author on this new kind of dinosaur, which was published in the journal Nature, Bernardo Gonzalez noted that the titanosaur was the heaviest land animal in the history of our planet. That’s why, added the scientist, Argentine finding is so important: it will tell you how stood and moved these giants.

Gonzalez reported on the characteristics found fossils: the bones of the foot of motocross very short and dense, and the number of phalanges is very small. Paleontologists suggest that the hands of this titanosaur is in the process of evolution shortened to gradually adapt to the great mass of the lizard.

It remains to wait for the findings of scientists, who confidently add a new page in the book of prehistoric life of the Earth.

Excavations of ancient settlements in the desert
The Horde is a great misfortune of the Russian world,after his baptism and monument to this pure steppe,missile test ranges of the TRANS-Volga region-sebastin foe,Yes the Astrakhan Kremlin.How many troubles…

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Ammonite, a prehistoric relative of the squid, lived in a twisted spiral shell and swam in the sea. When he died, the soft tissue of his body has rotted or…