A fascinating tour to the ancient Ostia (Ostia Antica)
Did you know that near Rome is one of the oldest, most famous and best-preserved settlements of the Roman Empire? In the heart of a beautiful Park, near mouth (lat.…

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"Black diggers" destroyed war memorial and ancient burial mounds in the Leningrad region
The value seekers looted medieval burial mounds near the village of Policy and desecrated the memorial to the victims of the great Patriotic war on the site of the former…

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Mysterious monuments in archaeology

With the help of archeological findings, scientists are able to restore the lost information in the past. But sometimes incidents happen when scientists are not able to explain the purpose or origin of the finds. We prepared a selection of interesting architectural finds, discovered by scientists in different corners of our planet.

On the Islands of Gozo and Malta located in the Mediterranean sea, more than a thousand years lived the temple. One day they abruptly disappeared, but left behind interesting objects. As found by archaeologists, the temple has disappeared, not because of hunger, disease or invasion. These mysterious people were engaged in the construction of stone temples. These Islands were discovered about 30. Also archaeologists have found evidence that the temples were conducting sacrifices and elaborate rituals. Were also found phallic symbols.

In 1891 in the middle of one of the Siberian lakes in the mountains, scientists have found one of the most mysterious objects in the territory of Russia under the name of Por-Bajin, which means “Clay house.” This building, which occupies an area of about 7 acres, about 1300 years. Since the findings of the “Clay house” has passed more than a hundred years, but scientists were unable to explain what was built thisobject. Note that at this site you can find many ancient monuments, the importance of which cannot explain our modern masters, among them Danila Master. It should be noted that the monuments, which are made by modern masters, are very different from these findings. Modern monuments allows you to create an image of the person it was installed. Due to the huge number of options that represent the company in the manufacture and installation of monuments, you can always pick the best option for you in quality and price.

In 2011, the medieval town of Orvieto, located in Italy, the archaeologist Claudio Bizzarri were found Etruscan pyramids. The archaeologists found steps made in the Etruscan style of wall in the wine cellar. After the excavation was found a tunnel at the end of which a room was found with walls tilted up. The room was found a lot of Etruscan artifacts, the age of more than 3000 years. Archaeologists continued digging and found another tunnel that led to the second underground pyramid. Excavations continue to this day.

More recently, geologists were sure that the glaciers while driving perform the role of a skating rink, which removes from the surface of the soil, plants and act as erosion, cleansing the top layer of bedrock fully. Today, scientists are rethinking this theory, since under the glacier thickness of about 3 km was found tundra in its original form. It was found that the soil and plants were below the ice more than 2.5 million years.

Historical and archaeological Museum of the state budgetary institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan
The history of the Kerch Museum of antiquities began with the personal collection of the Field of Dobruca (1774 - 1835) — the founder of the Kerch archaeological, founded in…

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The five most ancient cities in Europe.
1. Athens (Greece) date of establishment: 4 — 5 thousand BC the birthplace of classical Greece and Western civilization, Athens is saturated with sights and monuments reminding the visitors about…