Looking for historic village from space. Where to search for treasures and old villages.
Before any novice searcher at the first output field appears in the question: "Where to look for treasures and old villages?" Just walking in the blind, in any field, it…

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Russian archeological expedition in Ecuador
The authors of this paper has brought together one of the most interesting and unsolved problems of archaeology of pre-Columbian America – the determination of the time and place of…

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Open archaeology

Khan catasexual the legend about the treasure, which lies in the waters of the Kazan Kaban lake. When the troops of Ivan the Stern came to Kazan Khan’s innumerable treasures were putaendo, under cover of night, lowered to the bottom of the lake in its Northern part. Huge amount of jewelry; gold and silver bars; Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Russian and West-European coins. more

Hidden sacred colorcoordinate in Mexico, the Spaniards tried not to think about the Redskins lost civilization of the Maya. There were many fierce and bloody pages in the history of their conquest. And yet there came a time when talking about them again. Initially emerged of the legend. They were passed from mouth to mouth, and everyone tried to decorate them by adding your own.

Mysterious manuscriptcentral sensation: scientists allegedly found with 200 years old manuscript that contains a secret prediction. Jesus Christ.The doctor Fell to Melonette, the Creator of this for us funky finds, declares that the translated text contains clear indications of the imminent end of the world. In General, in his opinion, some of us will survive and will see the 2nd coming of Christ. Continue reading

Archaeologists in Egypt may have found the tomb of Queen Nefertiti

From the magazine “Modern Journal of Ancient Egypt” ( 01.07.2001. ) – “Egyptologist Susan James (Susan James) from UK claims. that the mummy of Nefertiti was more than a century kept in the Museum – however, under an assumed name. James suggests that Nefertiti was found by French archaeologist Victor lore in 1898. During excavations of the Royal burials in Egypt in one of the rooms adjacent to the Pharaoh’s tomb, he discovered a mummy of a woman and two children, boy and girl. After hair analysis of the mummies, scientists have come to the conclusion that this is Tut’s grandmother, Queen Tiu. The mummy brought in the directory at number 61070 and considered the issue resolved. However, according to James, this hypothesis explains not all. According to the extant data, when Tiu died, she was at least forty years. The study of the mummy gives a totally different age: 28 years. Scholars believe that Nefertiti died around 1336 BC when she was 28 or 29 years – the same as mummy, which was found in the lore. Yet another confirmation of the assumption James is the appearance of mummies: all known signs Nefertiti fit her. Continue reading

Stone tomb – a sacred land of ancient

Wonderful region – the Azov steppe! Here, as in planetary chronicle, lists all milestones in the history of the Earth – everywhere geological monuments, ancient burial mounds, stone images, traces of an ancient settlement. Among these stands out “stone island” – sacred land of ancient Stone Tomb. Similar places in the land unit: in Tibet, Nepal and Egypt. This “stone island”, as scientists believe, is one of the most powerful energy centers on the planet. Known ufologist K. Marchuk suggests that Stone Tomb – a special place, plays an important role not only within the planet but of the Cosmos. Here twice visited by the Dalai Lama. Of great interest to the Stone Tomb show the scientists-archeologists, bioenergetics, psychics, UFOlogy different countries.

The terrain is made of rocky outcrops with a height of 50-70 m in the middle of the steppe, formed 2 billion years ago by a volcanic eruption. Mining education was a cult for representatives of the Yamna, catacomb and timber grave cultures. The reserve is surrounded by two rings of Scythian burial mounds. On the grave of “Acute” was discovered a stone with petroglyphic cryptography. In one version of this Record that there was an altar of the ancient Scythians God Ares. Interesentam the fact that neither in the vicinity nor on the site of the Stone Graves, discovered human settlements. This suggests that there was an ancient sanctuary. Among heaps of stones, many natural voids, caves and passages in which discovered thousands of petroglyphs, prehistoric drawings and symbols. Not all the caves and passages discovered, unsolved mysteries lie buried beneath the sand. Continue reading

Ancient Suvar: archaeological research and findings
Husin Fayaz Sharipovich — the doctor of historical Sciences, Professor head of the Department of history of Tatarstan TGTU Gaisanov Ilgizar ravilyevich — candidate of historical Sciences, senior researcher of…

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The world's oldest tea has been extracted from the tomb of Chinese Emperor
British researchers working on the re-Dating part of the ancient silk road opened 2100 years old tomb of a Chinese Emperor and discovered in it the remains of the oldest…